-You feel exhausted by the relationships in your life
-You crave boundaries but don't know how or where to start
-You have individuals in your life that drain you
-You don’t feel confident in prioritizing yourself 
-You feel weird or uncomfortable around setting boundaries

are you ready to set boundaries like the boss that you are? 

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-The different types of boundaries 

-Energy leaks that drain your energy & how to stop 

-Why you feel uncomfortable setting boundaries, and how to become confident in prioritizing yourself 

-5 step process for boundary setting 

-To feel confident and comfortable setting boundaries? 
-To show up for yourself & prioritize your energy? 
-to no longer feel bad for saying "no"? 
-to release the resistance you have around boundary setting? 

This live Masterclass will be held on February 21st at 7pm est. A replay will be available for lifetime access if you cannot make it live. 

Also included will be a workbook to support you in following the masterclass with the aligned action necessary to begin boundary setting. This includes journal prompts and exercises. 

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so...are you ready to prioritize yourself and protect your energy?! 

are you ready ...

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